Passport, Driving Licence and Identity Card

Class I Passport Photographs (ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005)

From Augustus 26th 2006 onwards every passport and identity card issued in the Netherlands will include a RF-ID chip that contains measured data of a person's facial characteristics; from June 28th 2009 onwards data from two fingerprints will also be included. The use of this type of data is called biometric ID and we are specialized in providing passport photographs of the correct quality to provide the biometric information. Each passport photo has to satisfy very strict technical and visual criteria. From October 1st 2006 the same rules will also apply to passport photos for new driving licences.

Any earlier passport photographs that you may have (including those from school, automatic photo booths and non-professional sources) will almost certainly not meet the demands of the new regulations.

We are fully aware of all requirements and restrictions regarding such photos and also know about permitted exceptions to the rules.

Maybe this will not be your most attractive passport photo ever, but .... looking severe isn't necessary either. When we take your photograph a smile is allowed!
No longer like this
Now it must be like this